Check-in Procedure

The procedure will include completion of a health questionnaire, having your temperature taken and sanitizing of hands prior to formal check-in. We are asking for more detailed information than usual, but this is to ensure we can address any risks should our guests, or staff become ill. All information provided is confidential and will be shared with authorized persons only in the event it becomes necessary.

Food & Dining

All food and beverages are served in a clean and safe manner. Facilities have been adapted to all for protocols that promote social distancing and minimize human contact. All staff assisting with meals wear masks and are fully briefed in health and safety practices


We have an in-house laundry protocol to ensure efficient disinfecting of bedding, and clothing and masks used by staff. Personal laundry can be outsourced to a facility with approved COVID-19 safety measures.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Procedures

Cleaning protocols are in place which are recommended by industry to be effective against viruses in all areas of the guesthouse. Staff use plastic aprons and gloves which are changed for the cleaning of every room to comply with stringent cleaning protocols.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The use of PPE such as masks and or gloves or a face shield is required at all times in the guesthouse

Staff training & Protocols

Our staff members are briefed regularly and instructed concerning the severity of COVID-19. They are also trained to manage cleaning and disinfecting procedures to ensure safety of themselves and all guests who are staying with us.

Symptom Plan

Santa Lucia Guesthouse has procedures in place in the event any guest or staff member displays COVID-19 symptoms